11 Thing to Fix Before Applying For AdSense

So, you want to submit an application for Adsense to make some money from your website and enjoy the life you forever dream of? That is the target of every blogger to obtain AdSense application approved. Applying For AdSense and getting approved is not easy nowadays.

But, wait a moment…

I have to inform you something important if you are applying for AdSense.

Fix before Applying for AdSense
Before Applying For AdSense

That’s not simple. Google AdSense is not too easy when it comes to approving the new application. All blogger is trying to trick Google AdSense to obtain approved so they have made the procedure too hard. There is nothing to worry about. You are not without help.

I am going to share with you the whole thing that you need to do before applying for Google AdSense publisher program to really get approve.

Few general questions that you may have about Google AdSense are…

  • How to apply for Google AdSense?
  • Does my blog qualify for AdSense or not?
  • Am I eligible to apply for Google AdSense?
  • What are Google AdSense requirements?
  • Why Google AdSense rejected my application?
  • What to do if Google AdSense rejects my application?

In this article, I am going to reply to all your questions in detail. It’s a long article so take a cup of coffee.

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Why AdSense is so Popular for Blogger?

Google AdSense is one of the oldest networks to propose ad publishing and works at Pay Per Click (PPC) system. When it comes to the authority of AdSense, it speaks for itself. Google AdSense has millions of satisfied clients and ads publishers. AdSense pays on time, every time.

One more cause for selecting Google AdSense is that they can pay huge amounts of money if we do our work in the correct way. There are many bloggers who are making a complete living from their websites and Google AdSense.

As a result, Google AdSense should be the number one option among all the other offered networks. Its paying rates are better than all of the other ad networks so that’s the main reason it is so famous among bloggers.

But since every person is running behind them, Google has made the approval system very hard. You make little errors and get disapproved all the time. Here are a few common reasons why Google will reject your AdSense application.

Common AdSense Application Rejection Reasons

Here are the most common refusal reasons and AdSense requirements that you should keep in mind before we get into details

Poor Content

Your blog does not have sufficient text on for Google authority to review. Google gives a lot of attention and value to the blog content before accepting the AdSense application. If the content is badly written and has small grammatical mistakes Google will refuse the blog right away.

Not only the blog content requirements to be grammatically accurate, but it must also be exclusive/unique and has to provide value to the readers of the website/blog. So the number one reason for rejection AdSense application is the poor content.

Blog Design

What will you do if you make a landing page with dark red background & white text on it, having a lot of buttons all over the page? A blog which is badly designed and is hard for the readers to understand gets rejected by AdSense. You just need a good and smart design which comforts the reader’s eye.

Privacy Policy & Contact Us Page

There are a few vital pages which your blog must need earlier than applying to Google AdSense if you wish to get accepted. Those are privacy policy & contact us pages. About Us also important, but focus on privacy policy & Contact Us page is too important for a blog. These pages give the sense that your blog function according to the Google policies as a blogger you are professional. Keep in mind that having a privacy-policy page is one of the most important requirements for Google AdSense.

Blog Does Not Meet The Terms With Google AdSense Policies

Google AdSense will reject your application if there is no unique, rich and significant content, no organic traffic, pages with duplicate content or bad user knowledge through clear navigation and organization. Maybe your blog drives traffic through illegal sources, websites with too many keywords or badly coded design are usually rejected.

So you require a complete direction and list of things to do before Google AdSense application.

Get AdSense Approved | 11 Thing to Follow

1. Write High-Quality Content

The number 1 thing you must to do before applying for Google AdSense is to write high-quality contents. This is the most important thing which is not possible to ignore at any cost.

Google loves the blog which is providing high-quality and unique content and their readers are enjoying it. Keep in mind that your AdSense application will be reviewed by an expert and you have to impress them to get approved by Google AdSense.

Maybe you have a question that what is High-quality content? Here is the meaning of high-quality content.

  • This is unique and original
  • with proper headings and bullet lists
  • There are no grammar and spelling mistakes
  • This is long enough (Like this article)
  • Useful and informative for readers.

2. Make Privacy Policy Page for Your Blog

One of the frequent mistakes that most new bloggers. Even though there are many experts (by name) out there who believe and say that having a privacy policy for a blog does not make any change but they are wrong! Google AdSense strongly recommended this page. The first thing you will need to apply for Google AdSense and get approval is the privacy policy page of your blog. You cannot get approval if you don’t have it simple is that.

Why is it important?

It does require AdSense and after that, this privacy policy means you are not a cheat and gives the sense of serious business. Google will ensure the rest of the situation only if you have this policy.

Privacy actually explains to your visitors about what they will find on your blog, what they should do and what they should not. So must be there is nothing awful about having a privacy policy. While it can affect somehow on your AdSense approval, you must give it a try.

You can write policy yourself or find Privacy Policy Generators online (You don’t need a lawyer anyway).

3. Make About Us Page

Like privacy policy page, you must have an about us page so that you can get approved. This also shows that there is a genuine person behind the blog. An About us page has a most important function and meaning even if you don’t want to apply for AdSense. But when it comes to AdSense, there is no chance of getting approved if you are not present this page.

About page just explains you and your blog. This will not only assist you to make a connection with viewers but it will also make them trust you.

4. Make A Contact Us Page

It’s quite clear that each and everyone has their own opinion. What one of your viewer’s likes may be troubling someone else? Then it is better to give them a chance to speak up to you and tell how they think about your website/blog, what they want to be edited, what they liked or hated.

Create a contact us or contact me page; if possible add your contact email that you are going to apply for Google AdSense. If possible to make some professional email address like [email protected]. Also, add your social profile links too. By making this you are telling Google that we care for our clients, visitors and we are prepared to assist them. They can contact us anytime. Contact page will also explain the Google AdSense experts that are viewing your blog that you really think about your visitors and not only the revenue.

One important thing: Google AdSense talk about in their rejection email that your blog should have a clear navigation menu to assist your viewers to find your pages and access the content before you think about applying again for Google AdSense.

So, what you have to do is to work on your blog menu by adding essential categories and pages (about us, contact us and privacy policy) to assist your viewers simply get the content that they are looking for. The other you care about improving your reader’s knowledge the high chances will be to get approved by Google AdSense.

Here’s an example to illustrate this point.

Example of Footer Menu
Example of Menu

5. Confirm Your Name and Email

When you apply for AdSense don’t forget to place your name and email address in some simply visible area of the blog like about and contact us pages. Your name and E-mail will confirm to Google AdSense experts that you are not a spammer.

This will make fast the confirmation procedure and within a short time, you’ll be capable to enjoy completely approved AdSense account.

6. Make Some Posts

What should be the minimum amount of contents before applying for Google AdSense? At this point, I am really sorry to say that there is no perfect answer. Not even one.

Because I have seen reputable blogs with 250+ posts and the blog owners telling me that Google AdSense is denying their application while somewhere bloggers with few posts or even less than 7 are enjoying making money with AdSense. Exactly, what I said before that there is no perfect answer. However, we can always expect things.

According to my skill, the best moment to apply for a Google AdSense account is when you have at least 15 high-quality posts. Your blog posts length should be more than 500 words with good quality content. One of my friends got his AdSense account approved with just 3 posts, 100+ views, and no comments. That is really good? I studied his blog and marked these things that really help to get Adsense approved.

  • Simple and fresh design
  • Simple to navigate the blog
  • Unique Niche
  • Detail post
  • No useless widgets

7. You are adult (18+)

This is the fault that new bloggers are creating who are not adult (less than 18 years). They write the wrong age and get into the problem. Use your accurate date of birth (DOB) and age while applying for Google AdSense account.

Because Google AdSense is not under 18 bloggers. Some blogger understands this trouble after being disproved a few times without any valid cause. So I tell you to be perfect while writing your age.

8. Make Your Blog Professional

As talked before, your blog design matters a lot. It should be professional and not like a messy image gallery. A professional, fresh, and fast loading blog design is respected by Google.

When you view a blog what is the first object you look for? Yes, it’s website design. You have to make a high-quality first impression on your blog viewers to engage them. After content, your blog design is the major thing. This represents your skill, knowledge, and professionalism. It should have the following features:

  • Simple and professional
  • Simple to navigate
  • Correct menus
  • SEO friendly
  • No unnecessary items in sidebar and footer
  • Blog loading time quick

So be careful because lack of any features of those can kill your probability of getting approved by AdSense.

There are more than thousands of websites who provide free, professional and good out looking themes for your blog. Just search for them in the World Wide Web. If you are on WordPress self-hosted blog then I recommend getting a premium theme from any online theme shop like ThemeForest. And if you are still with BlogSpot then there are many websites where you can get free & professional blogger templates for your blog.

9. Content Type

Please confirm your content first. Check what kind of content you are publishing. For Google AdSense application it’s true matters. Here are some common content types that are not accepted by AdSense.

  • Adult materials
  • Copy Content
  • Hacking or Cracking Tutorials
  • Illegal Drugs/Paraphernalia
  • Any Other Illegal Stuff

Also, not all languages that are supported by AdSense. So make sure your blog language is on the list of AdSense supported language list.

10. Use Top Level Domain (TLD)

Google changed its policies. If you have a blog with Blogspot then your AdSense application will get approved quickly. But you will not be permitted to use that on any other domain like .info, .net, .com etc. You will have to apply for upgrade your AdSense account.

As for today, you must need your own blog. If you don’t have any blog, just stop dreaming about getting approved with subdomains and go get a TLD (Top Level Domain). It will cost anywhere from $10-$15 per year. Godaddy or Namecheap is the best of my choice.

Choose a unique, short, and easy to remember domain name that is related to your blog niche. Another important thing is the domain age. Not for all countries, some of the Asian countries as example Bangladesh, India, AdSense made this age limit. They don’t allow any blogs which age less than 6 months.

There are many blogger stories that I read on many forums that some blogger got approved for few days old blogs and others got rejected for the blog that is even more than 6 months old. So, domain age is not a major thing when you have a high-quality blog that focuses more on helping your readers. If you have a bog that is not yet 6 months old then you can still consider applying for AdSense publisher account. I got accepted by Google AdSense with only 5 articles and less than 6 months old blog.

11. Remove Other Ads:

If your blog monetized with other ad networks like “Revenuehits”, “Infolinks”, “media.net” etc, just remove those. Make your blog free from any ads.

Don’t worry about other ad networks. You can still use them on your website. Google AdSense allows you to use other ad networks along with them, but you should remove the other networks before applying and don’t place them back until you get approved from AdSense which usually takes around few days.

So, before your submission for Google AdSense make sure to take out all the other ad networks from your blog.

What Will You do if Your Application is Rejected?

You did everything to get approved by AdSense. But, till now your application not approved. Don’t worry; it’s not the end of the world! Don’t lose hope. Take your time to fix the issues on your blog that is mentioned by AdSense in rejection email and apply again. Keep in mind, if you are disapproved, you can apply again and again until you get approved by Google AdSense. There’s no issue with that. Just use the same email account that you used for the first time. There are another high paying and trusted ad networks you can join and believe me they are not so hard as Google AdSense is in terms of getting approval. One way of opportunity is closed so the other one will open.

Last Word

Getting an AdSense approved is not actually hard if you have a high-quality blog that is focused more on great content, optimized for search engines, uses a good design and with a good amount of traffic. Because that’s what Google wants from its every publisher.

Make sure to do these 11 important things before applying for Google AdSense. I think these steps are not too hard. Don’t be sad if Google AdSense doesn’t approve your blog. There are many other ways to make money online without AdSense.