Improve Website Ranking | 5 Best Ranking Method

The most asked question by bloggers is “How can I improve website ranking on Google?”. We all know the traffic source of Google is the king of all other traffic sources. But growing your search engine traffic is not simple unless you have a clear SEO plan. If you are struggling to boost your website rankings on Google, this post is a feast for you.


You are going to find out 5 of the secret and most important strategies that you can use to instantly improve website ranking on Google. Are you interested to discover them out? Let’s dig into the details then.

1. There’s No Substitute For Long Form Of Content

Did you know that creating one article of 2,000+ words is better than posting two articles of 1000 words?

According to research done by the SEO expert Neil Patel, content between 2,000 to 2,500 words seems to rank the highest in search engine results.

That’s a proven fact indeed. Because from the last 5 years, I’ve been only posting articles that are between 2000 to 3000 words and the results are amazing. I’ve increased my search engine traffic and sales. You can also read the case study here.

Apart from the above, here are 3 strong benefits of creating detailed content.

  • Complete content (generally includes 1500 to 2500 or even extra words) attracts more backlinks. Other bloggers are most likely to link to your content if it’s well researched and really detailed. If someone writes a detailed post and links to me, I’ll make sure to link to it back if I find it useful for my audience.
  • The long form of content attracts more social shares. Check out any blog post written by bloggers like Pat Flynn, Neil Patel etc. They get a TON of social shares and they always post detailed content.
  • The long form of content also ranks well on Google. Google gives top priority to the sites that are information rich.

So if you are struggling to boost your search engine traffic even after writing blog posts frequently, switch your content making plan to make complete content. And see the magic by yourself like the image below.

Increase my Website Ranking-on-Google

That being said, here’s another secret SEO hack you can implement to improve your website rankings on Google almost instantly.

Yes, you have heard it right. Updating your previous blog posts is the reliable and fastest way to boost website rankings.

Did you know that many of your competitors are ranking on first page results for your primary keywords just because they regularly update their old blog posts?

Updating previous blog posts get better your website reader. Observe the information by manually done by HubSpot team.

By updating your previous blog posts, they can obtain improved search rankings. The following things you should keep in mind while updating old blog posts to rank well on Google.

  • Find and use a few more keywords in your old blog posts. That method you can rank for various keywords.
  • Update your information if it’s old or noninformative. Also, update all the images along with the screenshots.
  • Share your old blog posts on social media sites by using better headlines. Yes, you can also modify your titles for quick improvement in your search rankings.
  • Link to a few more articles. You can also use external links to other sites and email the people whom you have linked to They might share or even link to your stuff.
  • While updating previous content, make confident to remove any useless information that’s not helpful. You don’t need additional words but your content should be highly authoritative, relevant and helpful.

2. Start Working On Lower Ranking Keywords

It’s important for you to know your current keyword positions. Without tracking your keyword positions on Google, it’s impossible to improve website ranking on Google instantly.

Once you know all the lower rankings keywords for your site (I mean the keywords that are ranking on page 2, 3 or so on), create a list of all of them on a spreadsheet.

That’s how you can keep a list of all the lower rankings keywords at one place so you can start working on them to improve website ranking on Google.

If you are surprised how to boost the website rankings of your lower ranking keywords, here are few tips I am sharing that can assist you.

Position Track

Keep a track of all the positions of your keywords. You can use tools like SEMrush, Long Tail Pro etc. Here are 10 top tools you can use to find positions of your keywords on Google.

Make List

Make 2 lists of your keyword rankings. Include all the 1st-page ranking keywords on Google and the other list is to include the entire 2nd, 3rd page or lower ranking keywords.

Optimize Posts

As I mentioned in the above ideas, working on your previously published posts and optimizing them correctly for Google can help you fast get better your website rankings.

Quick Note

It usually takes a month or two to notice improvements in Google search rankings after you update your old blog posts. Sometimes, you may see better results within a week or two. So being patient is the key. After all, Google has tons of pages indexed so it will take a while to notice great results.

Now, you will have 3 options. The primary one is the use the 1st-page ranking keywords and effective on them to obtain the top 3 search results for them.

The second option is to solely work on the lower ranking keywords (the keywords that are NOT ranking on the first-page search results on Google).

3. Use SEMrush

If there’s only one tool that can be helpful for growing your website rankings on Google immediately, that is SEMrush.

SEMrush is the professional suggested SEO tool which I am personally using for over 2 years to develop my search traffic and sales.

You may ask does the tool really effective? Yes, it is.

Here’s the proven data of how I used SEMrush to increase my search traffic within a month.

Here’s what you can do with SEMrush

  • Advertising research.
  • Estimate the traffic of any site.
  • Find the ultimate keywords that boost your traffic and sales.
  • Backlink analysis.
  • Find and fix your site issues.
  • Spy on your competitors to know their top performing keywords.
  • Domain to domain comparison.
  • Track the positions of your keywords and many more.

All in all, SEMrush is a great SEO tool you can use to boost your website rankings instantly. I have done a lot of tutorials about using SEMrush to get better your website rankings.

4. Strategic Keyword Research Is The Key

Don’t use vague keywords like “buy cars”. They are NOT going to help you increase your website rankings on Google.

Instead, use strategic long tail keywords like “local business SEO methods”.

Did you see that?

There’s a big difference between the short tail keyword like “logo design” and the long tail keyword like “logo design for my website”. Here’s the search command curve for long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are easier to rank for and they can generally have very low competition so you can boost your website rankings on Google instantly after making content.

I have a few secret instructions to locate truly low competitive and highly profitable keywords.

  • First off, make a keyword list (50 to 100 keywords) by analyzing your competitors. You can simply do it by using SEMrush tool. You can grab their 30 days free trial from here.
  • Secondly, find all the relevant keywords for that keyword list that you find from the above step. Now, you also need to find their monthly search volume. As regulation of thumb, make confident to aim the keywords with 1000 to 2000 monthly search volumes as they will assist you fast improve your search traffic because of low competition.
  • The third step is to analyze the keyword difficulty. Again, without doubt, the SEMrush tool can help you locate the keyword difficulty so you can easily identify which keywords are easier to rank for.
  • Now, the final step is to create content around the keywords that you come up with after implementing the above 3 steps. Bingo. You have successfully found out a planned keyword research method that’s going to assist you to improve your website search rankings within a few days or a few weeks.

Again, I’m saying you without keyword research, it’s impossible to improve your website rankings on Google. So make sure to give it the first priority while creating content. If possible spend 1-2 weeks just making a preliminary list of keywords that you can use in the upcoming months to develop your traffic.

5. Become Good At On Page Optimization

Most people don’t pay any attention to optimizing their content for search engines. You can’t improve your website rankings without doing on page optimization. What is on page optimization?

To place it basically, the keywords that you include in your title, subtitles, Meta description, body, URL, image alt tags are all known as on page SEO optimization.

It is important for you to improve your search engine rankings. If you are a learner and wondering how to turn yourself a master at on-page optimization, I have a simple guide for you.

Right now, install this incredible WP Plugin (SEO by Yoast, free plugin). It helps you easily optimize your blog posts for a specific keyword.

All you need to do is to pick a primary keyword (let’s say “best cars to buy in 2018”) and the plugin gives you an analysis on where to put that keyword in your page to rank higher.

Basically, you can use this plugin to put your primary keyword in the following places so you can easily improve your blog search engine rankings quickly.

  • Page Title.
  • Meta Description.
  • Tags.
  • Image Alt Tag.
  • The Beginning of Your Article.
  • Subheadings.
  • URL.
  • Keyword Density.
  • Spellings.

All the above things can be easily done by using WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin. It’s one of the most downloaded plugins (over 1 million downloads) and also the highly recommend a plugin for bloggers who want to improve their website rankings on Google.

Last World About Website Ranking

Google is known for its frequent updates. According to Moz, Google makes over 500 changes to its algorithm every single year. Each time when Google rolls out an update, either you will see a huge traffic spike or drop in your sites search traffic.

So increasing your website rankings on Google is one part and sustaining those rankings is another part. That’s the reason why SEO is a nightmare for most bloggers and marketers.

But if you are constantly centering on making an authoritative long form of content, receiving natural links from other websites and frequently using planned long tail keywords in your website posts can really assist you to improve website ranking on Google almost immediately.

So what are your thoughts? Do you have any more tips or strategies that can help others improve website ranking on Google immediately? Share them in the comments.