How to Install Ubuntu | Novice Guide

You are going to install Ubuntu and that’s why you are here. Believe me, it’s really a simple and easy way. Don’t take it as a complected task.

When it comes to setting up the popular Linux Ubuntu, there are various helpful snippets of instruction on blogs and guides all over the online. If you search on Google “How to install Ubuntu”, you will get what I represent.

Install-Ubuntu 1st Step

Install Ubuntu Outline

You may think what the steps to install Linux Ubuntu is. Here I have listed 3 important steps below and their details. I hope these steps will help you to complete your Linux Ubuntu installation. Take a look –

  • Download Linux Ubuntu
  • Create Bootable USB
  • Install Ubuntu

For Ubuntu novice users, there is no particular, simple and complete source of instruction when it comes to getting started. One thing I have noticed is that there is a lot of technical language and sometimes useless terminal commands in lengthy forum posts, but no easy “how to” instruction, which I think might put some people off! A shame, when you feel about how easy Linux Ubuntu is to set up, use and tweak to look really cool!

Download Linux Ubuntu

For you first need to download an Ubuntu ISO CD image file. In this example, I install Ubuntu version 16.04. But it does not matter what version you use.

I downloaded Ubuntu using IDM from Ubuntu official site. The file is over 1GB in size. It is essential that you download the Desktop version. If you download the Server version it will not install any graphical user interface and it will not match any steps of this article.

Create Bootable USB

Most of the novice user faces a common question “How to create a Bootable USB Ubuntu” when trying to install it. This step is not only for Ubuntu, but it’s almost the same for all Linux versions.

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There are many ways to make a USB bootable installer. In my opinion, you go for Rufus. Just get the Rufus USB Installer software from this location. The Rufus USB Installer is free, open-source software.

Install Ubuntu

In this part, just confirm your bootable USB working fine. Now reboot your PC and boot from USB. You will get a welcome window like given below-

Install-Ubuntu Step 2

English is the default language here, but you can change it and select your own. By selecting your language just click on Install Ubuntu for the next step.

Preparing to install Ubuntu

Here tick mark on both boxes (Download updates while installing and Install this third-party software) and click “Continue” for next option. Look at the next image for details.

Next step is the partition step. You should select “Erase Disk and Install Ubuntu”. By the other options, you can create partitions as you need but those options would be complicated for you.

Ubuntu Installation Type

So this time we take the next step by selecting “Erase Disk and Install Ubuntu” and clicks “Install Now”.

A partition table will appear in front of you in the same window; just click “Continue” like the picture given below and wait a moment.

Ubuntu Installation Type 2

Select continue to write the listed partitions on your hard disk.

The next step you will get regional settings. Generally, it will automatically select your region. If you want to change the area, you may select another one and press “Continue”.

Now select your keyboard layout and click to “Continue”. Below image can help you to make it easy.

Select Keyboard Layout

This is the final step before start installation. Now put your information’s here. I think you know what should write here.

Write your Name, user id, passwords and click “Continue”. Wait few minutes to complete Linux Ubuntu installation.

Now the installation is complete. Take out the USB drive and click Restart Now. Log in with your given username and password. All the other Linux OS installation procedures are the same.

Last Word

I hope you got your installation problem solved. But this article will right every time. OS updating and system going changes. I will try to update this article. Good luck…