Off-Page SEO Techniques | Ultimate Guide

It’s not possible to get top ranking in Google for competitive terms without off-page SEO. You can definitely drive lots of valuable traffic to your website from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex etc. by building quality links simply. This time I wrote about off-page seo techniques to boost your website traffic without SERPs.

Most of the new blogger has few common questions about these off-page SEO techniques. Those are

  • What is the off-page SEO?
  • How can I make backlinks?
  • What should I do to make backlinks?
  • How to do off-page SEO?
  • Is off-page SEO helpful for a blog?

In this article, you will know what Off-Page SEO Techniques are and how to make high-quality backlinks for your website and its importance, which will assist you to get top rankings for targeted keywords on search engines.

SEO is basically classified into 2 different ways. Those are On-page SEO and off-page SEO. I have written another article about on-page SEO checklist before.

On-page SEO just makes your website search engine and user-friendly but off-page SEO improves your website’s authority and position on Search Engine Results Page which called SERP.

Most bloggers focus on on-page optimization and ignore the off-page SEO term. That’s the cause why the effort to increase their search engine traffic. If you are also one of them, as soon as possible start focusing on your off-page SEO. This detailed off-page SEO guide helps you how to do it right.

Off-Page SEO Methods

Let me begin this off-page SEO guide by telling you one common thing: it’s all about links. Without backlinks, it’s impossible to make a position on first-page search results.

Did you know that 90+ sites out of 100 that rank on top Google search results has at least 1 outbound link pointing to the website? Do you know, approximately 100 billion searches are made on Google every month for services, products, and contents? And more than 60% of those searches are coming from mobile devices.

Backlinks are the most vital off-page SEO factor when it comes to bloggers and content marketers. You know why? Because search engines trust your website more if your site has any trustworthy relevant backlinks.

When Google looks for new content, it indexes your new pages and makes it available for search users. When related search inquiries are generated, Google applies some algorithm techniques to decide which pages will rank. This we call Google ranking factors in SEO terminology.

Most Important Factors | Google Considers While Ranking

Few important factors that always google consider are given below-

The Number of Linking Domains

The number of domains linking to your site is one of the most important ranking factors.

The Number of Linking Page

It is always suggested to have more links from individual domains rather than from a single domain.

Similar Domains

The backlinks from a similar website are measured more than the links from other domains. Believe it; try to obtain links from similar domains.

Authority of Linking Domain

A link from low authority page on a high authority site is better than from a low authority one.

Amount of Dofollow Links

As Google officially confirmed that it won’t consider nofollow links while ranking, it considers dofollow links. So, good to go with Dofollow links.

Link Relevancy

The links from pages/posts related to the topic of your page carry more relevancies for search engines. This is the most important part of off-page optimization.

Contextual Links

The links inside the content of the page are significantly more than the links in a sidebar.

Links From Homepage

The backlinks from a home URL of a linking domain bring more strength than those on one of its pages.

Google views your website as more important than others if you have many backlinks from trustworthy websites. Google examines the questions about links like

  • What is the quality of the link?
  • Where does the link come from?
  • How fresh is the link?

Is that being said, well how to get those reliable links?

Guest Post

No hesitation, guest posting gets you so far and assists a lot in obtaining great links the only difficult task here is, you need to do a lot of study on the subject. After that, you need to discover the top blogs in your niche and offer your article. If they agree and yes your article gets published.

Broken Link Building

To make the links, this method is pretty much faster than guest blogging. Do you know, a big amount of links on some authority websites are actually dead? Why it occurs? If hosting or domain expires, during migration or file transfer of the sites, links are bound to break.

The one excellent point is broken pages don’t change your site’s ranking. But it does give a bad understanding to the user. If your visitor service is bad, then 85% of your business could be lost according to the Sacramento Design Network. So, perform a backlink examination on your niche websites. Find broken links, contact the owner and let them identify their broken links. There are probabilities that they will do a return favor by including your link on their website or you can offer alternate link too.

Improve Your Social Media Signals

Social media is the new off-page SEO system. If you want to build up your site’s overall off-page SEO, make sure to improve your social shares. Here’s the image that tells you how social media impacts your SEO.

Off-Page SEO Techniques | Social Media Signals

Know your target viewers by engaging more on social media. By contributing frequently to discussions, you will understand where your audience hangs out more and at what time.

In research performed by comScore, Twitter handle 19 billion search queries a month as of 2010, Google around 88 billion search queries a month and bing 4.1 billion search queries per month. In 2012, Facebook mentioned that it’s getting 1 billion search queries per day.

Social media presence assists to grow your business and gets you more backlinks. The web is for building affairs, expressing and sharing ideas, helping each other with helpful and cooperative information.

Make Compelling Infographics

It always gives remarkable results provided they are created with great information. If you have the budget to afford, you can use Canva or for expert infographic designers.

If you want to attract a huge amount of viewers and get authoritative backlinks, then infographics work the most excellent. Because the ideal visitors respond to image content better than the plain text.

Infographics go viral if you give enough support to it. When people share your infographics, it continuously generates natural traffic to your website.

Start Answering on Quora

SEO legends like Lee Odden, Greg Boser, Neil Patel etc are using Quora to increase their visibility and it’s certainly an excellent way to improve your websites off-page SEO.

If you are not using Quora then probably you are not effectively putting your efforts into your overall SEO. Now you may be wondering what is this Quora? It is the place where you can get the best answers for any type of question. I should say, it is the gold mine for SEO.

Be it your marketing campaign or for link building or for enhancing your online brand, Quora is the best place to start.

Start Making YouTube Videos

You may ask how YouTube can develop your blog’s off-page SEO? That’s a good query. Let me be clear about YouTube: first of all, YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine after Google. After that, links that you get from YouTube videos (Meta description) are so valuable and they help you improve your off-page SEO.

YouTube is so trending these days. You might have heard many people earning a handsome amount of money from their YouTube videos. And of course, it’s not that much easy but with the constant effort, it is definitely possible. All you need is created to attract audience, patience, and perseverance. Here’s a quick review of how YouTube searching works.

Few Helpful Tips In This Process

You should know what’s popular in your field right now to get an idea.

  • Have your own way to showcase your skills. It should represent your personality.
  • Don’t think of driving traffic or making money right from the first day. Instead, show your passion for making new and creative content every day or once in every week.
  • Your videos show to tell the audience how you are different from others.
  • Quality matters always. Higher the quality, higher will be the view count.
  • Before promoting your channel, make sure you have at least 10 to 15 good quality videos and gained a good number of subscribers.
  • Make sure your subscribers identify when they can wait for the next video. For instance, “once in a week” or “once in 15 days” or “once in 30 days”.
  • Keep a compelling video thumbnail.

It takes a minimum of 1 to 2 years to gain recognition. So, be patient. Remember, YouTube is a community. If you want to get other’s attention, you must give attention to other channels.

Find Blogs That Do Weekly Roundup Posts

Here’s the smart idea to get better your overall off-page SEO: find and land on weekly summary posts. To be successful in the blogging world, you need to build a relationship with others. If you make contacts with associate bloggers, it will assist you to promote your website and get traffic. You can do this by participating in blog link roundups. Link roundups are the best way to get other bloggers’ attention to discover your content.

To discover link roundups in your niche, then just type “weekly link roundup + keyword”. You may search by another way, type “mashups + keyword”.

Make sure you follow these points while promoting your content through roundups:

  • Write a unique and good article that compels readers to read your content.
  • Build affairs with other bloggers.
  • Notify our fellow bloggers only to your most excellent posts.

So find link chances and contribute to them is the greatest way to build backlinks and to increase your off-page SEO in 2018 and beyond.

Create Infographics & Use Appealing Images

Did you recognize that got few links from the top website like Neil Patel from one image? So when you’re using attractive and exclusive images, you tend to draw quality links from other sites that will definitely improve your overall off-page SEO.

The trend has changed. People are annoyed up with text-oriented content. Few bloggers tries to stuff content with their targeted keyword and make spammy backlinks. So, it is essential to generate quality content to get recognized by Google Search Engine.

These are the most liked and shared content and beware there are bad infographics too. You can make your design attractive with good color combinations, charts, icons and graphs along with the most important data. In a single word, your image should have a clear direction about your content.

You can say “I am not a good designer. So, how can I make a directional and unique infographic? ”. Trust me; it’s not too hard anymore. With tools like Canva, you can generate infographics very easily and can also measure how well your infographic is performing.

Focus On Your Keywords

I know what you’re thinking now. Keyword research is definitely an on-page SEO factor. But here’s the one thing that you need to remember. If you are not careful in doing keyword targeting, you will be drawing incorrect links from other sites (keep in mind, the link relevancy is a big off-page SEO factor). So if you desire to obtain more out of off-page optimization, target the right keywords.

The number one factor that controls SEO is the keywords you choose. If you wish to do a good content promotion, keywords are the essential building blocks for it. The below diagram depicts the more accurate view of on-page SEO.

Off-Page SEO Techniques | Focus On Your Keywords
Focus On Your Keywords

The main keywords account for 40% of on-page SEO whereas linked keywords account for 17.5% of it. If you want to develop the organic traffic to your site, keyword research is extremely important.  Select the keywords related to your niche. While making content, utilize those keywords around it.

For instance, you want to write on “SEO techniques”. Enter this main keyword in Google keyword planner tool and click on “Get ideas”. Here are the phrases related to your niche.

You can modify your content by knowing the phrases and look for terms that your readers use while searching.

If you really want to get better the search performance for a given keyword, use your major keywords in title tag; apply LSI keywords in your content. Never ever mention your main keyword again and again in your content. Google observes that as over-optimization and penalizes you.

You may be surprised how to find those LSI keywords? Well, there are a lot of free and paid tools to locate LSI keywords for your targeted topic. Go to LSI Graph and put your seed keyword. For example, “SEO methods”

Click on the “Generate” button and it will directly give you a ton of LSI keywords that you can use to make perfect content for your website readers to generate more search traffic.

Apart from LSI keywords, target on long-tail keywords to progress your search rankings. Once you are done tailoring keywords for your content, start focusing on receiving authority backlinks.

Save Site From Google Penalties

If you want to protract your site’s ranking position, backlinks are really essential. But links affect the search performance also in a better way or makes worse.

Backlinks have the strongest impact on search engines. It is very significant to save your site from Google penalties because getting your site back from penalties is very hard. Google generally focuses on user optimization and helpful content.

How to Stay Away From Google Penalty Radar?

Complete full backlink analysis and it assists to analyze which links are good and which are bad. Here is how you can make sure that your site is free from receiving penalized.

Perform Site Audit

You can use tools like SEMrush. I am suggesting the SEMRush SEO tool because it’s the number one powerful tool for searching and fixing website SEO related issues. You can find out all the motives why your site is not ranking well on Google.

Optimize Your Content

Content is the king always to Google. Maybe you are not using correct keywords but if it looks too support then not anything can stop it from going viral. Help your readers by making functional and helpful content. Use infographic in your post; combine information into your blog posts. Your visitors try to know more about you if you really provide them helpful content.

Use Different Keyword Phrases

Once you are completed with full backlink study and identify from where links are coming, focus on using different keyword phrases, standard content and brand names in your content so that Google believes your links as natural. Which means your links should not have exact match keywords in their anchor texts.

One tip is using your brand name as anchor text because anyone can share your content and link to it. You can’t organize your anchor texts so use your brand name. Make sure you forever publish clean content to improve your brand in the online world.

Contribute To Other Sites

Guest posting is the most useful way to make quality dofollow backlinks. This is a great way to develop your off-page SEO without getting any negative rankings.

What you get by contributing to other websites?

  • Helps to make your authority.
  • It can bring you a lot of referral traffic.
  • Assists in building links.

While writing an article as guest posts for other websites, don’t put too many links to your site. It spoils your good communication with the website owner. Even if you are creating a blog post for others, provide really amazing content. Low-quality guest posting brings more trouble to you.

Keep In Mind Before Guest Post On Other Sites

  • Gather a list of all websites related to your niche that allowed guest posts.
  • Set up an excel sheet and write each site’s root domain authority (DA), guest posting rules etc.
  • To get more guest posting opportunities related to your niche, type in Google search bar with these search strings. “Main Keyword” + “guest post” or “Main Keyword” + “intitle: guest post guidelines”.
  • Look for on all social media platforms. For example, head over to Facebook and in the search box, you can type “seed keyword” + “guest post”. Seriously, it gives you more chances than the Google search engine.
  • So, you have a list of all sites that accept guest posts. Now, the next step to identify which of these sites bring you more visitors. Visit, and enter the website address where you want to write a guest The similar web gives you a general idea about the site’s status.
  • To make sure more about your guest posting sites, study their blog comments on posts. It presents you information whether the site is alive or not, up-to-date with recent information.
  • Go to blog social analyzer, and submit the RSS feed of the site you want to guest post. This is to identify the number of social shares that the site’s recent posts have. If they have more engagement, there are good probabilities that your post also will have.
  • Now, go to write a unique and user-friendly guest post.

Topic with Detailed how-to guides, case studies, and long lists has more approval rate.  What are you waiting for? Start writing wonderful killer content and promote your website.

Submit To Directories And Forums

Off-page SEO assists you to create your website more popular on the Internet. To obtain more visibility, submit your website to directories and forums. Here are the sites where you can submit your blog content to enhance more visibility.

Blog Directory Submission

It helps to build good and high-quality backlinks. It takes time to get better outcomes but it definitely helps in the long run. Choose a proper category under each directory and begin with submitting your posts.

Article Submission Sites

It is always good to submit the articles to high authority directories. If you submit a low-quality article and has more keyword stuffing, then your article going to be rejected. So, write a good and unique article.

Submit to Forums

Make sure that you contribute to each forum related to your site niche and make connections with the community. Build the best use of dofollow forums. Some of the forum sites where you can submit are Blog Engage, blokube, Indiblogger, bbpress, Warrior forum etc.

Question & Answer Sites

Your blog will get a good amount of visitor from the question and answer websites Quora, Yahoo Answer etc.  Visit those sites and search for your niche related questions, provide a useful answer to any question. Don’t forget to place your website link at the end of the answer.

Image Submission Sites

Make sure you optimize your images with the correct URL, title tag before submitting to these sites. Imgur, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, Tumblr etc.

Share Your Videos

If you are a vlogger or interested in the vlog, submit to these websites to make your videos trendy. It is one of the ways to obtain high-quality backlinks. The sites which have high authority are Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, vine, Ustream etc.

Share To Document Sites

Make documents related to your niche. Make sure you build unique and useful Word, pdf or ppt. Upload that in document sites like Scribd, Issuu, SlideShare etc.

All of these sites have a high Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). No hesitation, off-page SEO offers a better ranking to your website in Google search.

Submit Your Infographics

I previously mentioned how infographics help in making backlinks. Create really great infographics and submit to sites like, Reddit, submit infographics, infographics archive etc. Give reference URL to your blog.

Final Words

Off-page SEO is not just about the backlinks as most bloggers believe. It involves your whole website trust, traffic, authority, social signals, and many other things. The article about off-page SEO factors is written to talk about some of the essential tips that can progress your overall website authority on Google search.

Don’t just rely upon on page SEO if you desire higher rankings. Whenever you publish a new post, make sure to follow the off-page SEO techniques mentioned in this guide.

Did you like this off-page SEO Guide? Do you have any more instructions to increase off page optimization?  Please share your idea with a comment below.