Title Tags and Header Tags | SEO Guide for Bloggers

Are you a Logo Maniac????

Read my useful guide to Title Tags and Header Tags to find out the correct way a blogger should organize their site for optimum SEO benefit.

First Things in Header Tags is Title Tag

The title tags are the most important piece of information you can put on your site as far as the SERPs are concerned, if you have the right title tag that matches your content and links or content that are pointing to your page then this is the perfect way to get the high position in the search engines.

Importance Header Tags & Title Tags
Title Tags on SERPS

But it doesn’t end there, Header tags are also critical and must be addressed to ensure the correct info about the page is being given to Mr. Google and his gang of SERPs.

Ok, let’s break it down,

If you look at this page the title tags show:

“Title Tags and Header Tags | SEO Guide for Bloggers”

Pretty straight forward right. The content is then all about title tags and Header tags so it all matches up fine.

See more about title tag in Moz.

Then look at my Header tag.

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The Header tags should point at the title of your post, and the title should be as targeted as possible for the SERPs, you can put a user-friendly one underneath if you like and not diminish your user experience.
Now, this is the key, on almost every blog I come across these days the Header tags point at the name of the blog in our case SEARCH ENGINE this is not clever this makes you a LOGO maniac!

Basically, your logo is being shown to Google as the most important words on every page of your site, which if your logo is ‘Window on life’ or something like that then you are in for a long hard road before you get anywhere near the top of the SERPs for the things you talk about.

Make the changes to your Title and Header tags and I guarantee you will see a difference.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.