Why HTML5 is Important Before Learning Any Programing Language

You are reading this post, which means you are searching for steps to learn a programming language. HTML5 is fundamental before learning development. It’s a markup language, which shows each content in every browser.

Nowadays, HTML5 is the most important thing before starting frontend or backend development. This is the baseline of coding. Remember, you can learn PHP or JavaScript at the beginning of your journey. Most newbies think they will learn PHP, JS, or Python at a startup, but this is the wrong way.

Learn HTML5
Spend time 5-7 days with 5-7 cups of coffee

What is HTML5?

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language which is the skeleton of the Front-end or Back-end. To build any Website or Web App, will make views for you or your clients.

Suppose you want to make a building. Of course, you will not think about painting and designing beforehand. You will build the structure of the building. HTML does that job.

HTML starts and ends with tags for each element. To represent any content in a webpage or web app, HTML elements make this easy. For example-

<h1>Heading 1</h1>

<p>It’s a Paragraph.</p>

Heading started with <h1>, Ended with </h1> and the paragraph started with <p> and ended with </p>. The output will be as given below:

HTML5 Output

HTML5 is HyperText Markup Language Revision 5 which supports traditional HTML and XHTML.

** Read about the History of HTML.

How to Learn HTML5?

It’s not a big deal. Trust me, it’s the easiest part of the world. It will take not more than 5-7 days to learn HTML. Just find out the easy tutorials on YouTube. Also, W3Schools is there. They described more about HTML step by step. My suggestion is to go for the freeCodeCamp.org tutorial.

So what are you waiting for? Just install Visual Studio Code and start learning. Spend time 5-7 days with 5-7 cups of coffee.

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It’s not hard and not a complicated thing. It’s the most accessible markup language as I said before.

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